What Kind Of Adult Do You Want Your Child To Become? 
The Secret To Unleashing The Goodness And Greatness Of Your Child! 
Even If You Think You Cannot Find The Time To Implement The Program!   
Are You Ready?
Yes! I'm ready  to...
Raise quality values-driven children
Unleash the goodness and greatness of my children 
Create/enjoy family harmony and happiness!
I Understand That When I Act Now, I get Instant Purchase of "What Kind Of Adult Do You Want Your Child To Become?" Agenda Book that  includes an access to Free Values- Driven Change online master class, valued at  N9,000 
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Why Families Embrace This Program? Features/Benefits...
* You'll learn how to raise values-driven children so you can unleash the goodness and greatness of your child, which means harness and express the huge potentials of your child.

* You'll receive values-driven change agenda program content and activities blueprint for six months which enables you to plug and play none stop values building content and activities every day and that means you'll just flip the pages of the journal and make the most of it.

* Weekly family planner, family branding toolkit for developing family vision, mission and values statement which lets you organize all family activities - weekly priorities, to-do-list, menu planner, notes and Sunday weekly reviews on the values-driven change platform and that means your family interactions and activities can be driven by the values-driven change agenda platform

* Access age appropriate chores and life-skills for 2 to 18 year-old so you can know what your child should be able to do at different age brackets then responsibility (the father of all values) can be imbibed in the child which means you do not have to scratch your head about what appropriate responsibilities to apportion to your children

* Access before and after children's character assessment template so you can it helps parents conduct and document baseline assessment of the character of their children and post-assessments progress and that means helps you track impact and progress achievements in the course of implementation

* Receive training on how to create family rules with sample house rule template

I Also Understand that When I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

* Free Values-Driven Change Online Training

* Goodness Builders Online Community Membership

* The price goes up by 25% soon

100% Guaranteed

If "What Kind Of Adult Do You Want Your Child To Become? Agenda doesn't tell me exactly how to unleash the goodness and greatness of your child... if it doesn't show me the step-by-step process to raise values-driven child, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked! 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

I understand that the regular price for all this is N4,000 Naira...
But, when I act now 2018 Mother's Day Season, I get everything for only N3,500 Naira!

To Your Success,
Prince Nnagozie Ochi
P.S. - Every minute you wait to get "What Kind Of Adult Do You Want Your Child To Become?" is another minute You'll live with the fear and uncertainty of whether or not your child will turn out an irresponsible and unsuccessful adult instead of using this breakthrough (program / service) to quickly and easily unleash the goodness and greatness of your child and more!

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